Infant Stimulation Systems ("ISS") is a non-profit research entity organized for charitable scientific purposes presently gearing to deploy a novel device to help all infants achieve normal development during their first year. A purely incidental outcome to proper developmental sleep happens to be avoidance of the most common causation of Sudden Infant Death Syndrome.

The Benign Infant Stimulator is the central research instrument of ISS's purpose to improve all human infant outcomes by the support of optimized developmental sleep and significantly improved parental infant monitoring. The BIS will become available to all parents after first testing in hospitals. 

We are a team now over 14 persons developing the BIS since 2009 for a long term research effort to improve any infant's development and make the job of all parents a bit easier.   We invite you to join us in stopping SIDS for mankind.

BIS embodies a novel method by which any normal infant can now be routinely monitored in the normal home setting under a ongoing medically-supervised research program. Naturally, all data will be made available for realtime monitoring by the parents upon each's computer and smartphone. The BIS device will be built in the USA. We at Infant Stimulation Systems will then assume the tasks of fulltime medically-directed infant co-monitoring, usually for up to a one year term.

Our program anticipates a fast-growing largest-ever infant developmental database spanning a broad cultural and economic spectra of all sorts of infants and in-home conditions.   This year we are seeking donations.

2017 is our home stretch development year. We hope you will become part of this effort to last the generations.

Sincerely, Mark Shinnick, RRT-NPS, System Developer
Donations+Sales = Broad Research

Our Research growth model Adds-Up !!

Your donation allows us to get the BIS into the hospitals as soon as we can build the first deployable units.   That's where the testing on the first most needy kids begins to show the BIS potential.

Once the first machines are tested in the field, we build more machines with more donations.

Then, we begin sales to add funding for still more machines in the research pool.  After several months, those parents hopefully donate their kid's machines to help less fortunate families for years to come - those buyers then recieve a full tax-deduction credit and the research base expands rapidly.       2017 is our very first Donations Drive because our BIS is almost ready to deploy !!

So, the first key is your support so we can finish the BIS and begin helping the first kids and families !