1.) What is Sudden Infant Death Syndrome?

As a syndrome, SIDS historically lacks specificity in definition.
So, this answer is limited to what ISS's recent science defines as root causation of most SIDS that kills the most kids. We term this  "TINSDI" : Transient Infant Nervous System Developmental Insufficiency.  

What causes most babies to stop breathing reflects only a temporary state of TINSDI that is well within the normal distribution of any given human pregnancy. This is a interim intermittent risk of infant apnea that is permanently resolved simply by providing excellent quality infant sleep.

That may sound a bit chicken-and-eggish......... for how does one avoid SIDS danger during sleep?
Helping to successfully complete the infant developmental process outside the womb is the precise object of our longitudinal research project, and sleep excellence is the design intent of the BIS device. First...some background: One clue to understanding is the "Back to Sleep" program begun in the 1990's: Placing kids on their backs virtually halved the incidence of SIDS. Why did that work? ...the researchers then could not really say. Even the most recent scientific study reviews reveal no direct connection between motion and why Back to Sleep works.

However, it all goes back to the fact that when babies are born, their most significant nervous system development to survive outside the womb has sometimes simply not yet completed. No parent should ever assume it has. More development time may be needed than just 9 months in the womb - no one develops equally.
Unstable breathing due to inadequate development is TINSDI....this is what causes most SIDS. What those otherwise completely normal - appearing infants need is quality sleep, but not total calm, to complete that development so they can become stable and safe. Back to Sleep allows the nervous system to more-easily re-stimulate itself by freeing baby's limbs to move-about. However, kids are still dying...so that is why the BIS device and this new research.

It is exactly BIS's principle of nervous system re-stimulation through a infant-customized / infant-specific engineered series of gentle wave-like motion patterns, and other individually-customized natural stimuli, that we are utilizing to keep babies sleeping - and developing - normally.      No conventional baby rocker can possibly do the job. Nothing like this individually-customized method ever existed before.

2.) Can TINSDI, or risk of SIDS, be tested for?
Other than the sickest of kids that we will usually see in the neonatal intensive care units, which kids will demonstrate right hearing insufficiency, most kids will never show any signs or symptoms of being a SIDS risk.

There has previously been no other way for most parents to ever know if their baby is at risk. BIS can tell us.